Anti-Aging & Cell Therapy – stem cells – live cell therapy

It still sounds a bit like a dream, but today cell therapy is well studied and documented. It really may make a difference as to how you look and how you feel.

One of the basic treatments for anti-aging is the thymus extract therapy. The fact is that during our live cycle, the reduction of size of our thymus gland is related to immune response. When we reach 50 years, only about 15% still functions. This means quite a significant increase in infections, auto-immune diseases, cancer and other illnesses as we get older. Not all thymus extracts are useful for therapeutic treatments. Manufacturing process and source materials used are determining factors.

Now, in the past years the autologous adult stem-cell therapy has become more and more a core treatment for anti-aging and prevention or treatment of severe chronical illnesses.


Experienced medical professionals with a combination of treatments as well as high-tech laboratory procedures, combining the latest knowledge in research and technology. This will make your treatment a unique experience.

Our BluePrint25 system unique and the only one worldwide using a holistic individual treatment process in anti-aging stem-cell therapy. The cell therapy research and treatment system experience in stem-cell therapy of 10 years and live-cell therapies of more than 40 years has become widely appreciated. Many thousands of patients report a very positive feedback.

Stem-Cells (Autologous Adult Stem-Cell Therapy)

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, which have the important properties of self-renewal and differentiation! Cell therapy using reproductive cells such as stem cells restores organs damaged by disease or trauma.

How might you expect to feel after an anti-aging stem-cell therapy?

What patients report:

  • A general sensation of feeling younger
  • Skin looks younger and hydrated
  • Lightening of blemishes and facial pigmentation
  • Refining of facial pores and a fresh glow to the skin
  • Skin elasticity and thickness improved
  • Wrinkles are reducedo
  • Improvement of sleep quality
  • Improvement of digestion
  • Improvement in blood circulation to the hands and feet
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved sex drive and potency
  • Relief from sexual dysfunction
  • Firming of the breasts
  • Relief from symptoms of menopause
  • Relief from PMS
  • Improvement in the immune system
  • A feeling of being awake and alert
  • Higher energy levels
  • Increase in joint flexibility and agility
  • Decrease in weight
  • Improvement of blood parameters
  • Feeling of being alive again